#FIBKNOWLEDGE: Who has played for the most clubs in Berkshire?

Yashwa Romeo playing for Marlow. Photo: Maidenhead Advertiser.
Yashwa Romeo playing for Marlow. Photo: Maidenhead Advertiser.

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Knowledge is power right. Is knowledge of Berkshire’s non-league football scene power? Who knows but I think it’s about time we found out.

Every Thursday we’ll be trying to get answers to the big, medium and small questions across county, we’ll put questions out and take submissions from you, our readers via the form below.

It was a very simple one to start off: Who’s played for the most senior clubs in Berkshire?

We went with an example of Shane Cooper-Clark who as far as we are aware, has played for five senior Berkshire clubs including Wokingham & Emmbrook, Ascot United, Thatcham Town, Bracknell Town and Binfield.

Immediately we had a number of great responses. Billy Case suggested Ian Davies had five with Thatcham, Woodley United, Binfield, Bracknell and current side Ascot and Jon Keough suggested Jon Bennett’s five of Ascot, Binfield, Bracknell, Thatcham and Sandhurst Town.

We thought we’d hit on a winner with Danny Horscroft’s six, suggested Phil Boddy. Those included Wokingham & Emmbrook, Binfield, Reading Town, Woodley, Sandhurst and current club Windsor while Carl Davies’ also has six but Jamie Noble beat that with Gary Smith’s seven – including Highmoor IBIS, Ascot, AFC Aldermaston, Woodley, Mortimer, Binfield and Bracknell.

However, just like in his pomp, Yashwa Romeo popped up to pinch it with a whopping EIGHT! The ex-Marlow poacher has played up and down the division’s and listed his ex-Berkshire clubs as AFC Newbury, Maidenhead United, Slough Town, Windsor, Thatcham Town, Hungerford Town, Highmoor IBIS and Reading City. There were a further six non-Berks sides on his list as well.

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Another one for the researchers out there that came up. The Slough Town Challenge Cup is almost at its 100th anniversary which is pretty impressive. According to the oracle that is Steve Jinman, the Maidenhead Norfolkian Cup was established in 1889 and the Reading Invitation Challenge Cup is even older, established in 1877 according to the competitions Twitter site. Are there any older competitions in the county than those?

Can you answer any of the two questions above? Can you beat the eight Berkshire sides that Yashwa Romeo has played for or do you want to query the answers? Let us know in the comments box below.

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