Combined Counties League reveals when transfers will be official

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The Combined Counties Football League logo.

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They Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Football League has revealed when transfers and player registrations for the 2021/22 season will become ‘official’.

As most of you who follow Football in Berkshire’s annual ‘mad July’ attempts to keep up with all the retentions, new signings and departures, there’s always a set date that league competitions release the new season sign-on forms, and it’s usually in the first days of July.

The CCL have revealed in Tweet that the earliest date they will open up for registrations is July 5th.

The tweet says: “We have been obliged to use WGS [FA Whole Game System] for registrations this coming season but it is still not ready, so the earliest possible date for submitting registrations is 5 July”.

Of course, clubs are perfectly within their rights to ‘announce’ signings. Some may even have signed contracts which obviously supercedes a league registration – though that will still need to be done in order for the player to play for the club.

Way back when – our much missed colleague Darrell Freeland wrote a piece on ‘how non-league transfers work’ which is still relevant today and you can read here.

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